Pyramid (2014)

Original title: The Pyramid
Year of manufacture: 2014
Genre: horror
Director: Gregory Levasseur
Cast: Ashley Hinshaw, James Buckley, Denis O’Hare, Christa-Marie Nicola, Amir Kamiab, Joseph Beddelem, Prince Shah, Garsha Arristos, Omar Benbrahim

About Pyramid the film:

The horror film “Pyramid” begins with the events of August 2013, when riots took place in Ramses Square in Cairo. Without going into the subtleties of political events, the filmmakers tied the “march of anger” to the discovery of American archaeologists who discovered an ancient relic in the sun-scorched desert. The triangular pyramid was hidden under layers of sand and centuries for five millennia. And now, when a group of archaeologists was about to study their discovery, they were ordered to stop working. The reason is dissatisfaction with the excavations of modern Egyptians and the danger of poisonous gases contained in caves, ancient tombs and confined spaces.

But the expedition leader and his daughter decide to stay and explore the discovery of the century, for which they launch a reconnaissance robot into the cave, an exact copy of Valli, which almost immediately breaks down. To restore the three millionth robot, the entire team goes inside the pyramid. Seeing the damaged car, they did not tremble in horror and did not rush back to the exit. If you’re intrigued, you can watch Pyramid 2014 right now on our website. Scientists are convinced that this is their chance. After all, in a pyramid buried under a layer of sand for centuries, there cannot be anything living, which means there is no danger.
And even a warning message will not stop the brave researchers. The ancient hieroglyphs that they discovered on the wall say the same thing that common sense whispers – to run away from here without looking back. But archaeologists, continuing to wonder who disabled the robot, blindly head deeper into the labyrinth. First, the floor collapses, then two members of the expedition fall into a trap and die. At the scene of death, only bloody footprints remain leading to the wall. People quickly lose all their bearings, and this is where the myths they know well come to life. Pyramid 2014 watch for free in excellent HDRip quality and without registration.

From the pitch darkness, strange creatures appear with eerie screams – mutant wild cats that feed on human flesh. There is no escape from them, but you can watch them online for free on our website. A faint hope appears only with the appearance of the soldier Shadid, who discovers the archaeologists and helps them. But completely unexpectedly, an unknown powerful force drags everyone back into the tunnel, and the travelers find themselves in another trap, where a real nightmare begins.

Archaeologists find themselves in the very center of the pyramid, which was built as a place of imprisonment for Anubis. Here the survivors become witnesses and forced participants in the mythological ritual “weighing of the heart.” Only now the heroes understand that, having forgotten common sense and caution, they have turned from hunters into game. Anyone who watches the 2014 film Pyramid until the last frame will find out whether the reckless daredevils will be able to escape the chase: the inexorable god of the dead Anubis knows no mercy.

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