The Christmas Millionaire

Your Invitation to Million Dollar Christmas Magic

Get ready to jingle all the way this festive season with a nostalgic journey back to 1956, in the company of four sensational music sensations. The Million Dollar Quartet Christmas show at the Ivoryton Playhouse brings together the star power of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis in one dynamic playback of their real-life jam session at Sun Studios, Memphis. It’s as close as you’ll get to a real-life recording of these timeless holiday hits!

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Could you feel the groove when Elvis was back from Hollywood and facing his imminent draft notice or the vibrant atmosphere when four iconic stars share a studio? You’ll feel it all here. This show lifts the curtain on that fabled meet-up, adding the captivating allure of seasonal classics to the platform.

A Four-Star Musical Extravaganza

In this immersive Christmas spectacle, their camaraderie, playful banter, and musical genius play out in an electrifying performance that shines new lights on these timeless classic tunes. As an audience member, be prepared to tap your feet (or sway) along with 22 songs in 95 minutes!

Each performer is an acclaimed veteran of the original Million Dollar Quartet show, bringing an authentic twist to the set. From misses to hits, from blues to carols, follow the fascinating journey of each character, seamlessly blending Christmas spirit, with the unforgettable charm of classic rock-n-roll.

Margaret Dudasik’s Outstanding Performance

Margaret Dudasik’s portrayal of Dyanne, the Hollywood belle out of her comfort zone in Memphis, is an engaging spectacle. Alongside her finesse as an actress, she showcases her mesmerizing vocals and fiddling talents, scoring hits with her renditions of “Santa Baby,” “O Christmas Tree,” “Que Sera, Sera,” and a blend of other popular tunes from that era.

The Million Dollar Quartet Christmas show is a recommended watch, not just for music lovers but every Christmas enthusiast. Its vivid set designs, captivating performances, and nostalgic trip down the holiday lane will ignite your Christmas spirit like no other.

Get Your Tickets Today!

So, why wait? Add a dash of tinsel magic to your season with this blockbuster performance. Secure your tickets online at and prepare to light the yuletide flame with rotations of your favorite holiday tunes, all courtesy of these spectacular performers.

Stay optimistic and keep the positivity flowing this festive season with Million Dollar Quartet Christmas – it’s your golden ticket to a time-transported musical celebration. Enjoy!

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